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Thu Oct 3 23:08:25 UTC 2013

Hi, I am currently building a Website that lists all the Software
Applications that come with any fresh Distro of Linux, primarily those
which can be assessed via the Menus on the Graphical User Interface.

So if possible, I would like you to send me a list of Applications that
come precompiled with any flavour of your Distro and the Menus they be
assessed by.

So for Example: If your Distro was built on;
Arch Linux and used the KDE Desktop Enviroment
Under Menu Multimedia may be Application VLC and
Under Menu Graphics   may be Application GIMP

Or if the Distro was built on;
Debian and used the Gnome Desktop Enviroment
Under Menu Internet may be Firefox and
Under Menu Office   may be LibreOffice Writer

I would also greatly appreciate it if you could send me updated lists when
you update your Distros.

I'll include your Logo and a link to your Website when it is ready.
Thanks for reading this.
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