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please refer to the "seed" files for Xubuntu. For Saucy (13.10):


On 04/10/13 02:08, Linux_Apps_list wrote:
> Hi, I am currently building a Website that lists all the Software
> Applications that come with any fresh Distro of Linux, primarily those
> which can be assessed via the Menus on the Graphical User Interface.
> So if possible, I would like you to send me a list of Applications
> that come precompiled with any flavour of your Distro and the Menus
> they be assessed by.
> So for Example: If your Distro was built on;
> Arch Linux and used the KDE Desktop Enviroment
> Under Menu Multimedia may be Application VLC and
> Under Menu Graphics   may be Application GIMP
> Or if the Distro was built on;
> Debian and used the Gnome Desktop Enviroment
> Under Menu Internet may be Firefox and
> Under Menu Office   may be LibreOffice Writer
> I would also greatly appreciate it if you could send me updated lists
> when you update your Distros.
> I'll include your Logo and a link to your Website when it is ready.
> Thanks for reading this.

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