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The next virtual event has been announced.  When the question was put to Mr. Bacon on the exhibition floor at Ohio Linux Fest 2013, it was noted that it is becoming a matter of physical impracticality to gather a large group together in-person considering how large the Ubuntu realm has become.  Even a large, over-arching virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit may have to give way to smaller thematic events perhaps but that appears to be a discussion coming up in November.  The deadline for setting up panels for discussion is November 1, 2013.

Please remember that this will be the planning period for the T-cycle which will be the next Long-Term Support release.  The Long-Term Support release would be expected to be released in April 2014.  Participation is somewhat essential if you wish your voice to be heard.

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Subject: Next UDS: 19 - 21 Nov 2013

Hi Everyone,

The Ubuntu Developer Summit is going to be taking place from Tues 19th
Nov - Thu 21st Nov 2013. As ever, the event is free and open to
everyone and accessible at http://uds.ubuntu.com.

As with each UDS, we are working to refine and improve each event. For
the next UDS we are making some of the following improvements:

 * Simplifying how our community propose new sessions.
 * Simplifying the registration process.
 * Adding a hallway track for impromptu sessions.
 * Getting the schedule in place earlier, so people can better plan
their time.
 * Refinements to uds.ubuntu.com to explain how the event works and
how to participate.
 * Improvements to the plenary content and running great sessions.

For each event we are now going to put a deadline in place where we
ask everyone in our community (Canonical employees included) to get
their sessions set up and registered. For details of how to create
sessions (either blueprint or discussion sessions), please see

We would like to ask that all sessions are proposed by the end of
**Fri 1st Nov 2013**.

As ever, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Thanks!


Jono Bacon
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www.identi.ca/jonobacon www.twitter.com/jonobacon

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