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Wed May 15 16:06:28 UTC 2013

Hi - it's that time again when we ask for people's support in testing 
the next Xubuntu release.

We hope that as many of you as possible can spend a short while testing 
some of the alpha's, beta's or RC iso's as they appear.

To that end these are the scheduled dates for those [2]

            20th June - Alpha 1
            18th July  - Alpha 2
            1st August - Alpha 3
            5th September - Beta 1
            26th September - Final Beta
            10th October - Release Candidate

The alpha tests that we'll require will depend to some extent on 
Xfce4.12 - we will let you know in good time when we need you. IT's 
likely that we'll start with Alpha2.

In addition to those, we might well call for testing in between 
scheduled dates for other issues as and when they arise.

In between times - there are always Daily Iso's which can be tested.

By using the qa tracker you can see which tests need to be run, you can 
filter out all but Xubuntu. [1]



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[2] -

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