Three nights of Xubuntu: Summary of night 1

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Tue May 14 22:21:14 UTC 2013

Hello people,

the summary for the first night of Xubuntu is as following (» denotes a 
work task):

– More people with upload rights
– Get more people upload rights to the Xubuntu package set
– Not necessary to have MOTUs, but not bad either
– Opt-in milestones
– One alpha and two betas
» elfy: Send an email to the mailing lists to gather testers
– Alpha depending on Xfce 4.12 release
» xubuntu-team: Be in touch with Nick about the release schedule
– Future of GTK
– We shouldn't be worried about GTK disappearing or not being maintained 
before 14.04 at least
– Xfce will most probably stick with GTK
» ochosi: Check what the status of the GTK3 panel is
– In the worst case scenario, sync from Debian and discuss maintaining 
with Ubuntu GNOME
– Documentation
– Review 13.10 documentation
» pleia2: Send an call to the mailing list to review the docs and see 
what we want to improve
– The 12.04 documentation SRU
» pleia2: Send an call to the mailing list to review what parts need to 
be rewritten or dropped
– Documentation translations
» knome: Be in touch with the server guide folks how they are managing 
their translation updates to Launchpad
» xubuntu-team: Find out how to ship the translated documentation in 
Launchpad in Ubuntu
– Software
– Include apt-offline in the seed
– Get more of the new stuff to PPA's for testing
– Keyboard shortcuts overlay
– Do we want to use developer time for that?
– Alternatives: A page in the docs for the default shortcuts (not 
updated naturally!)

Additionally, the Google Hangout video can be seen at


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