Three nights of Xubuntu: Summary of night 2

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Wed May 15 21:54:32 UTC 2013

Hello people,

the summary for the second night of Xubuntu is as following (» denotes a
work task):

–– Add apt-offline to the live seeds
  » skellat: Work with a package uploader to get apt-offline added to
the seeds
  – Because there isn't a HUD ready to start testing, it's not viable to
include it until after LTS at least
  – People appreciate Xubuntu being a conservative alternative
  – We might need to think if it fits with our mission generally
  – We would need to build a GTK frontend and design the interface so it
integrates with the desktop
  – We might want to check Vector Linux and their implementation
– Do we want to ship "Xubuntu Desktop" and "Xubuntu Core" packages?
  – Other flavors have done this and it's probably relatively trivial
for us as well
  – Many people want to drop several applications after installation,
the core package would serve them well
  – What would the "Core" package consist of? Default settings and theme
plus probably a browser (Midori)?
  » skellat: Follow-up on the discussion and create some proposals
  » knome: Probe if developers would be happy about this
– Review keyboard shortcuts
  – Let's keep our window manager shortcuts since it's not clear who
would benefit from default settings
  » ochosi: Work with a package uploader to get an additional shortcut
for Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) added to the default settings
– Alternatives for pavucontrol
  – Pavucontrol is long unmaintained; it works, but nobody knows who
fixes it if it doesn't
  – While it's not the most intuitive, it's the best around for various
  » ochosi: Look at different mixers around and do a quick comparison
  » ochosi: Gather more feedback from users and developers
– More developers...
  » ochosi, skellat, bluesabre: Work to gain packageset uploader rights
got Xubuntu through Developer Membership Board process

Additionally, the Google Hangout video can be seen at


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