only 1 panel by default in order to save space on screen

Jérôme Bouat jerome.bouat at
Wed Mar 27 18:40:46 UTC 2013


During the later years tend computers screens to have a 16/10 geometric ratio. At the same time, the desktop environments tend to decrease the usable space in height by using 2 panels instead of only 1 (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, ...).

In order to save screen space in height, I think that the Xubuntu should provide only 1 panel by default like Microsoft Windows XP, KDE, LXDE.

If you look at desktop applications like Firefox, the fashion is to replace the menubar by a single button besides the tabs of the web pages. Those applications try to save space although the desktop environment are wasting it by discouraging the use of a unique popup-menu (like start menu of Windows, K menu of KDE, ...).

"Less is better."

"Small is beautiful."

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