New Feature: SSD Optimization?

Jackson Doak doak.jackson at
Wed Mar 27 19:10:33 UTC 2013

good idea, it should be Ubuntu wide though

On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 2:42 AM, Hayden Bickerton <
haydenbbickerton at> wrote:

> How much work would it be to add in a little feature to the Xubuntu
> installer that would optimize Xubuntu for SSDs? I think it would be kind of
> nice to have a checkbox or something at the screen where you select the
> disk. If it's an SSD, you can just check the box next to the drive and it
> will automatically make all the stereotypical SSD changes(ex- enable TRIM,
> noatime&nodiratime, move /tmp, etc). If not in the actuall system
> installer, then maybe in the system settings? Just a thought!
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