only 1 panel by default in order to save space on screen

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Wed Mar 27 19:01:44 UTC 2013


I agree is better save usable space in desktop than wasting this precious
space with panels, bars or something else and I think this is why Xubuntu
has 2 panels: 1 visible top panel and 1 hidden bottom panel. The hidden
bottom panel is usefull to launch my favorite apps and make me more
productive and doesn't waste space because it's hidden by default, so any
app can take all usable space in desktop.

So I think this way (Xubuntu way: 2 panels, 1 visible and 1 hidden) is the
best way to get both things: save space and get more productivity.

2013/3/27 Jérôme Bouat <jerome.bouat at>

> Hello,
> During the later years tend computers screens to have a 16/10 geometric
> ratio. At the same time, the desktop environments tend to decrease the
> usable space in height by using 2 panels instead of only 1 (Ubuntu,
> Xubuntu, ...).
> In order to save screen space in height, I think that the Xubuntu should
> provide only 1 panel by default like Microsoft Windows XP, KDE, LXDE.
> If you look at desktop applications like Firefox, the fashion is to
> replace the menubar by a single button besides the tabs of the web pages.
> Those applications try to save space although the desktop environment are
> wasting it by discouraging the use of a unique popup-menu (like start menu
> of Windows, K menu of KDE, ...).
> "Less is better."
> "Small is beautiful."
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