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On 22/06/13 10:53, Elfy wrote:
> On 21/06/13 13:12, franz wrote:
>> Hi There,
>> How can I suggest programs to be with Xubuntu? For example I'd text 
>> editor Mousepad. The browser is the Google Chrome. The MP3 player is 
>> the Audacious.
>> Thank you,
>> Franz
> The time for talking about changing default apps for this cycle has 
> passed - we need, obviously, to talk about that at the very beginning 
> of a cycle.
> My take on the apps though
> Mousepad is the default again
> Google Chrome - not for me - though if it gets installed, no big issue 
> - I'll just remove it
> Audacious - this fails badly for me - the library functions are pretty 
> much useless with 40k tracks and 3000 albums - the 'library' add-on 
> crashes.
> Kev

To read more about selecting default applications and packages for 
Xubuntu, read the "Seeds & Composition" -section of our Strategy 
Document [1]. If an application passes all checks that are mentioned 
under "Unsuitable Packages", it can be considered for inclusion.

If one seriously wants to propose a new application to be included in 
addition or instead of something else, they should create a detailed 
application comparison based on the guidelines mentioned in the Strategy 
Document (generally, and more specifically the aforementioned "Seeds & 
Composition" section as well as the areas focus mentioned under "The 
Target" [2]).

After one has created the application comparison and it has gone through 
some improvements based on the feedback from the team, the team will 
then decide if the motion should be carried. Note that this also implies 
that there is no guarantee that anything will be included even if a 
thorough application comparison was made. The process to actually 
include something new can take several cycles. Especially big changes 
near an LTS release are most probably going to be at least postponed for 
a later cycle.

To respond for the original poster:

1) As said by others, Mousepad is now the default again.

2) The default browser is an important and a prominent feature of an OS. 
This doesn't mean it's impossible to change the default, but if someone 
wishes to propose the change, I'd expect a very thorough comparison of 
pros and cons of both the old and new applications as well as strong 
support from the developer community. Moreover, I can't see this change 
being introduced before the next LTS (14.04).

3) We have discussed and changed the default media player again and 
again in the past. OP: Have you tried gmusicbrowser, which we have had 
for a while as the default one now? You might find it suitable for you.



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