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Elfy ub.untu at
Sat Jun 22 07:53:56 UTC 2013

On 21/06/13 13:12, franz wrote:
> Hi There,
> How can I suggest programs to be with Xubuntu? For example I'd text 
> editor Mousepad. The browser is the Google Chrome. The MP3 player is 
> the Audacious.
> Thank you,
> Franz
The time for talking about changing default apps for this cycle has 
passed - we need, obviously, to talk about that at the very beginning of 
a cycle.

My take on the apps though

Mousepad is the default again

Google Chrome - not for me - though if it gets installed, no big issue - 
I'll just remove it

Audacious - this fails badly for me - the library functions are pretty 
much useless with 40k tracks and 3000 albums - the 'library' add-on 


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