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Further to the little autopilot meeting - this is a list of the default 
apps, I've given them a sort of arbitrary(ish) weighting - feel free to 
move things about.

I am still of the opinion that I am not sure that this is something that 
we should be putting time into - BUT - I don't know enough about python 
unfotunately to be able to make a real judgement on the time needed to 
actually create a usable test. Willing to be given more information 
about that.

If we can perhaps get some consensus on a more suitable priority list 
for these things in the next few days I will sort out bugs for them all 
- then at least when people mail saying 'what can I do' we've got 
something to point people at.

 From what I've seen and heard other people are looking at autopilot 
testing for install cases - if anyone wants to talk to them - the best 
place is either #ubuntu-quality or #ubuntu-autopilot - the one name I 
can give you is DanChapman.


Web browser 	1
Mail Reader 	1

Settings Manager 	2
App Finder 	2
File Manager 	2

Terminal 	4
Doc Viewer 	4
gThumb 	4
Abiword 	4
Gnumeric 	4

Pidgin 	5
XChat 	5
Task Manager 	5
Run Program 	5
Archive Manager 	5

Mousepad 	6
Xfburn 	6
Transmission 	6

Parole 	7
Screenshot 	7
gmusicbrowser 	7
Pavucontrol 	7

Catfish 	8
Gimp 	8
Ristretto 	8
Simple Scan 	8

Notes 	10
Dictionary 	10
Calc 	10
Orage 	10

Onboard 	15
Orage Calendar 	15
Orage Globaltime 	15
Character Map 	15
Gigolo 	15

Mines 	20
Sudoku 	20
IBus 	20

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