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On 13/07/13 19:27, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 7:31 PM, Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph 
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>     On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 5:30 AM, Ali Linx (amjjawad)
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>     > Hi,
>     >
>     > I have noticed there is no mention to the general or user
>     Xubuntu Mailing
>     > List whereas almost on every page, there is a mention of the
>     Development
>     > Mailing list. We all know that the general/user mailing list is
>     important
>     > for the user who are not interested to join the development
>     discussions and
>     > seek some help/support.
>     I assume you mean there is no mention on our wiki? Please read
> I think there is no 'clear' and 'direct' mention on the Wiki/Website 
> where 'NEW' users and beginners can find what they are looking for 
> 'easily' and 'in short time' :)
> Maybe I wasn't clear enough so hope I made myself clear now - my 
> apology for not being clear :)

How is
     "Support for Xubuntu users can be found on the Help & Support 
<> page on our website."
     "If you are looking for general information about Xubuntu, please 
visit the Xubuntu website <>. Among other things, the 
website features download links, team blog, list of support methods and 
information on how to start contributing."
not clear?

>     As explained there, our wiki is designed specifically to be
>     collaboration space for current contributors to the Xubuntu project,
>     it's not designed to be a user-facing space. 
> I am sorry, could you please explain what does it mean? "user-facing 
> space"??!!

It means that we consider the wiki to be a tool for our contributors -- 
not our users.

>     This is a specific decision we made a few cycles ago 
> I'm still new here so good to know this information :) thank you!
>     when we realized there was unnecessary and unmaintained overlap
>     between our wiki and our website.
> Yes, I totally understand that. But this issue can be solved easily :)

Exactly, it's solved now as the wiki is contributor-oriented and the 
website is user-oriented.
>     We worked pretty hard to reduce the number of pages we maintain on the
>     wiki.
> We are not talking about reducing and increasing the number of pages, 
> I'm preciously talking about: being helpful to new users/beginners as 
> much as possible. Most people (this is a human nature) are looking for 
> the easiest and the shortest way to find what they are looking for. 
> Some are waiting someone to feed them. I'm not talking about those who 
> are waiting for someone to feed them, I'm against that. They need to 
> learn how to feed themselves. I'm talking about NEW people and 
> beginners who are 'still' learning and need a push here and there to 
> make the process of learning as easy as possible.

The obvious and simplest solution for a new user is to go on the 
website, not find a wiki.

> You can add a clear and direct link of the Mailing List to the Wiki 
> just like you did with the Dev List :)
> I see no reason why not to include that?

If you are wise enough to find the Xubuntu wiki, we expect you to be 
able to read and understand what's written in it.

> Forget the page I linked previously. That was an example.
>     Our user-facing space is itself, which has very clear help
>     links which include to our IRC channel, mailing list and more.
> Fine, but IMHO:
> 1- Adding a link for the user mailing list on the 'Wiki Area' is not 
> bad idea :)
> 2- Adding the Dev Mailing List on the "Help & Support" is not very 
> helpful. New Users will join and send their support Qs and seek help 
> on that list. Instead, IMHO, I think it is better to be here: 
> only :)

#2 is a different issue, and is something that could be changed.

> I can tell that you are focusing more on the Website. To make it a 
> good area for users. That is totally different from my previous 
> experience but that is NOT wrong, I do LIKE that a lot :) I wish 
> others could follow your steps.
> I hope you see my point now :)
> "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
> *Best Regards,*
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