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Shawn Barnes slooksterpsv at
Thu Jul 11 04:50:03 UTC 2013

Xubuntu Community,

My name is Shawn Barnes and I've been using Linux for quite some time.
Lately I've been getting back into the Ubuntu Forums to help users with any
issues or suggestions to diagnose and fix issues related to (L,X,K,U)buntu
and it's other variants.

I'm here to offer my help and support for Xubuntu. I generally reinstall a
different Ubuntu variant every 3 months usually ending in a week of I want
this one no that one no that one, and in the end I always end up at
Xubuntu. I would like to help in any areas you would like. My main area of
interest is in the documentation side. I like to keep track of what I've
done or what I do when I install Xubuntu to fix nay related issues or keep
things the same. In the past I've done this by a script I'd manually update
that would fix my sound, optimize flash, download updates, install graphics
drivers, and install a few programs I consistently  use.

Seeing all of these new people contact the Xubuntu team to join has been
reving up my ambition to join and work with the team. If you feel I would
be able to help let me know.

My wiki page is:


Shawn B.
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