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Fri Aug 30 17:03:32 UTC 2013

On 30/08/13 15:22, Richard Elkins wrote:
> I am a software developer so 'buntu distribution testing is still a 
> bit new to me.  I am up for helping out with testing all the way to 
> release on my orphaned-by-Intel D2550MUD2 (Cedar View) motherboard. 
> Actually, Saucy from the Mir testing ISO using the Modesetting X 
> driver has been running very well from my perspective.  It has become 
> my everyday system, even for long development compiles and builds.
> So, a few questions from a distribution testing beginner:
This might be of help - a basic walkthrough of the iso testing system -
> 1. Is there a test plan available for Saucy Beta 1 that I should read? 
> I would be looking for a specification that included all of the 
> installation variants that are thought to be desirable to test. Batch 
> processing testing?  Desktop operations testing?
All of the iso tests have a testcase associated with them - if you look 
at the current daily tests you can see. 
shows all the tests for 64bit iso's we test.

If you look at the first in the list you can see there is a link to both 
a download and a testcase.

If you run through that testcase and all works as expected then it is a 

The same can be said for 32bit.

You can see that we need tests done for

Install - autoresize, entire disk, manual partitioning
The livecd itself
Post installation

Once beta is released (should be Thursday next) then it will be 
available at - further detail of that 
will make it to the list once available.

If you have questions then there are generally people about on our 
relevant irc channel - #xubuntu-devel on freenode. You can get to that 
from a browser with

I'll be about from Thursday for a few days if you need me. (UK time)

If you have the time in between now and then - you can do test for the 
dailies -

The beta test will be no different.

> 2. When the Beta 1 ISO is available, grab it and perform a ground up 
> re-install is ideal?  That would be fine by me.  All my important 
> stuff is on a network drive.  I think that my rig would run annoyingly 
> slow with a VM setup.
That's up to you - at the moment I have one machine I can do physical 
tests on and this one which I do with virtual machines.
> 3. How should we maintain the Beta 1 ISO once it is installed?  Is 
> `sudo apt-get dist-upgrade` sufficient to fetch daily updates or is it 
> desirable to occasionally do another ground-up?  I suppose that 
> depends somewhat on whether or not you want to repeat installation 
> testing, yes?
Once it is installed then sudo apt-get update is sufficient.
> Thank you,
> Richard
Further to all that iso testing - we are also pushing for package testing.

More detail for that if you are interested (and I hope you are) can be 
found here


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