Beta 1 soon

Richard Elkins richard.elkins at
Fri Aug 30 14:22:28 UTC 2013

I am a software developer so 'buntu distribution testing is still a bit 
new to me.  I am up for helping out with testing all the way to release 
on my orphaned-by-Intel D2550MUD2 (Cedar View) motherboard. Actually, 
Saucy from the Mir testing ISO using the Modesetting X driver has been 
running very well from my perspective.  It has become my everyday 
system, even for long development compiles and builds.

So, a few questions from a distribution testing beginner:

1. Is there a test plan available for Saucy Beta 1 that I should read?  
I would be looking for a specification that included all of the 
installation variants that are thought to be desirable to test. Batch 
processing testing?  Desktop operations testing?

2. When the Beta 1 ISO is available, grab it and perform a ground up 
re-install is ideal?  That would be fine by me.  All my important stuff 
is on a network drive.  I think that my rig would run annoyingly slow 
with a VM setup.

3. How should we maintain the Beta 1 ISO once it is installed?  Is `sudo 
apt-get dist-upgrade` sufficient to fetch daily updates or is it 
desirable to occasionally do another ground-up?  I suppose that depends 
somewhat on whether or not you want to repeat installation testing, yes?

Thank you,


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