XMir Testing Results Version: 0.0.9r970

Michael Devenish mdevenish.lists at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 16:54:41 UTC 2013


I've tested the ISO version 0.0.9r970 using a bootable USB flash drive, on
3 different machines and all worked well. The machines I tested on were a
netbook (Intel Atom 1.6 Ghz, Intel graphics 945GME), a laptop (core i5, ATI
Radeon graphics - using open source driver) and a desktop (core i3, Intel

I checked that XMir was running on all 3 machines by typing "ps ax | grep
system-comp" in a terminal and saw several lines with
unity-system-compositor in them. Considering I was running off a USB flash
drive, I was very impressed with how smooth everything was.

I had a bug with the previous version when I typed into a terminal. If I
typed a character it would only display after I pressed another key. This
is fixed in the last version I tested (0.0.9r970).


Michael Devenish
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