UNetbootin failed to create LiveUSB (SanDisk Cruzer Edge 4GB)

Ali Linx (amjjawad) amjjawad at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 13:23:21 UTC 2013

On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 5:18 PM, Thomas Molloy <lderan at outlook.com> wrote:

> Hello Amjjawad,
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/usbwriter/ is what I have used to create
> the bootable usb drives in Windows, you may have more luck with that.
> Have you tried making the usb bootable in Linux yet?
> - Tom

Hello Tom,

Thank you for your reply!

If truth to be told, I can't use Linux on this machine (HP Pavilion DV6 -
Core i5 1st generation and 4GB RAM) because it has many issues with Linux
and I don't have the time to look into these. So, I'm saving the headache
and time and just use Windows 7 for now (which I feel really bad to use but
have no better choice).

As my previous email explains, the problem with one USB Drive (SanDisk)
while the Sony one is working and I'm actually installing Xubuntu MIR
Version from that USB right now.

I will have a look at the application you suggested.

I had the same issue with 13.04 ISOs (does not matter what distribution I'm

Thank you!

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