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> Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 18:01:01 +0300
> From: pasi at shimmerproject.org
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> Subject: Xubuntu vUDS sessions
> Hello people,
> the next vUDS is taking place on 27–29 August from 14–20UTC.
> How do you, dear Xubuntu team members, feel about scheduling the Xubuntu 
> sessions? Should we schedule our sessions on the official timeslots or 
> after those, as we did the last time? Do we want meetings on all three 
> days, or would one or two be enough? Should we run videoconferences or 
> do IRC meetings?
Don't mind, IRC maybe better due to the logs. Did we resolve the storing of the video concerns from the last set of video conferences?
> If we want to have a videoconference or two, I'd prefer an earlier time 
> (preferably 17UTC at latest). If not, I don't have any preference over 
> when we have the meetings. I also think that two meetings (or even one) 
> will be enough, since we're going to have two meetings before vUDS as well.

Wouldn't be able to do 17 UTC during the week sadly, I can do 18 UTC or any time during weekends.

> Discuss.
> Cheers,
> Pasi
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