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Sat Aug 3 20:47:06 UTC 2013

Help with Xubuntu package testing!

Last time we called for people to help write the package testcasesand we 
have had an excellent response -- many thanks to you all -- you know who 
you are. Now it's time to start the real testing with those testcases!

Note that package testingis _not_a replacement for the ISOtesting but an 
addition - ISO testingstill needs to take place, nothing has changed 
there either in where and how we need to do so.

How can you help with the package testing then? It's easy, just follow 
the steps below:

Go to the package testing tracker at 
click on the "Saucy Daily" milestone. If you are familiar with the ISO 
testing tracker, you will find that the tests are organized very much in 
the same way in the package tracker.

The products we are interested in are Xubuntu Desktop and some* Common 
products. Click on the "Xubuntu Desktop" product to see all the tests 
related to our Desktop.

In the product overview page, you will see 5 different testsuites: Xfce 
Applications, Xfce Core, Xfce Settings Manager, Xubuntu Applications and 
Xubuntu Networking. Within each testsuite you can see specific testcases 
-- if you click on one of those you will be sent to a page with that 

On the testcase page, you will have the testcase instructions (click the 
"Testcase" title to expand them) and the reporting form. Run through the 
testfollowing the instrutionsand submit the results with the form. NOTE: 
the package tests need to be run on aSaucy ISO.

If you are the first person to run the testcase, we would ask you to 
also "doublecheck"the testcase as you run through it to make sure it 
makes sense and doesn't have any technical errors.

We would like to get one complete set of test results in before Beta 1 
which is due on 29th August. However, if you have time and a test has 
already been run, don't be afraid torun the test -- all results are 
welcome! After we have Beta 1 released, we would like to see a further 
test run between Beta1 and Final Beta on the 22nd September.This way we 
should have every package tested at least twice before the release.

Thanks to all


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