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Subject: [ANN] bzr 2.6.0 released

On behalf of the Bazaar team and community, I'm happy to announce
availability of a new release of the bzr adaptive version control

Bazaar <http://bazaar.canonical.com/> is a Canonical project and part of
the GNU project <http://gnu.org/> to produce a free operating system.

Thanks to everyone who contributed patches, suggestions, and feedback.

Bazaar is now available for download from
https://launchpad.net/bzr/2.6/2.6.0 as a source tarball.

An Installer is available for OSX from the url above too.

Volunteers are welcome to build a windows one.

This release marks the start of a new long-term-stable series. From here, we
will only make bugfix releases on the 2.6 series (2.6.1, etc), while 2.7
will become our new development series.

This is a bugfix and polish release over the 2.5 series, with a large number
of bugs fixed (~50 for the 2.6 series alone).

All known fixed bugs are included here.

Users are encouraged to upgrade from the other stable series.

for more details,


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