Documentation rewriting, reviewing and converting schedule

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Tue Sep 4 07:39:37 UTC 2012

Hello Xubuntu documentation folks,

it's time to start looking when, and how, we should get the 
documentation rewrite finished.

The new documentation should be uploaded on September 20, when the 
DocStringFreeze will become effective. We need to convert the 
documentation to DocBook before that, and things should start to be in 
place a week before the string freeze, on September 13. Small changes 
can take place after that, but it's not encouraged.

Where does this leave us?

Practically, we have a week and two days to get the rewriting and 
reviewing done. We originally thought we'd take a week to review the 
refreshed documentation, but I'm not sure if that's completely 
realistic. At this time, we should go into multitasking mode.

1) Continue to work on the rewrites where you see fit

2) If you think a whole section, or a subpage, is ready to be published, 
please announce it on this email list

3) When somebody sends a page up to review, review it
     * If you think the page is OK to be published and it's technically 
correct (covers the correct applications etc.) with no or just grammar 
fixes, reply to the mailing list and tell you think it's good to go. 
Either me or Elizabeth will eventually "check out" the sections.
     * If you think it's not OK to be published, please try to improve 
it. If you improve it to the point that you think it's OK to be 
published, please reply to the mailing list and tell you changed it, and 
it's again up for final review. If you can't improve it yourself, reply 
to the mailing list and tell you think it still needs some work (and 
point to which areas need that, or if it's the whole page).
     * Please respect others' edits, so don't go changing things back 
and forth. On the other hand, don't take it seriously that somebody 
edited your beloved way of saying things. If you need dispute 
resolution, first try solving it yourself; refrain from editing the 
page. If that doesn't help, contact me or Elizabeth to ask for advice.

4) Those who were willing to work on DocBook, again, contact me via IRC 
(knome at freenode). I've started the conversion already, and as soon as 
new sections/subpages are checked out, I will convert them to DocBook. A 
rule of thumb: DON'T TOUCH THE CHECKED OUT PAGES. I will be subscribed 
to the checked out sections on the wiki to see if we need to commit 
changes to DocBook too, but please don't touch them unless you really 
need to. If possible, ask me first.

Optimistically, I hope we will have anything under review (undergone 
steps 1&2) before this Sunday.

I will get back to you later.


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