Implementation of a mouse adaptor relevator

Alessandro Yahoo alessandro.suglia at
Sun Sep 2 14:16:36 UTC 2012

Il 02/09/2012 16:05, Jari Rahkonen ha scritto:
> 02.09.2012 15:23, Alessandro Yahoo wrote:
>> I know that could be written some scripts in order to make this kind of
>> control, but I think that, will be a good way in order to help new
>> people to start using linux.
>> Many times, my father says to me that It's very fast linux and stable
>> but he isn't able to install program or do such thing that require some
>> knowledge of the bash or something else.
>> So, in my opinion, my request's aim was to introduce another element in
>> order to make xubuntu more user friendly and in order to grant also to
>> common people to use.
>> Is that a bad idea?
>> Alessandro Suglia
> I think having a dialog pop up every time is unnecessary. I'd bet you 
> either want to disable your touchpad every time you connect a mouse or 
> you don't. There should optimally be a checkbox in the Xfce touchpad 
> settings panel to disable the device if an external mouse is detected.
> The volume manager configuration suggested by Simon isn't exactly an 
> intuitive place for this functionality. Also the current 
> implementation does not seem to allow running a script when a mouse is 
> removed, so the touchpad needs to be manually re-enabled anyway.
> Personally I've assigned a dedicated keyboard shortcut (fn+F5 on my 
> Dell N-series) to a simple bash script using synclient to toggle the 
> touchpad on and off.
> - Jari
Perfect. You have undestood what I'm trying to say about this kind of 
problem and I think that your suggestion to introduce a checkbox in the 
panel settings, is  an excellent idea and also I found it a very clear 
solution because it doesn't became boring introducing pop up windows or 
any other input box.
An option in the panel which grant to the user the possibility to 
disable the touchpad exactly when the mouse adaptor was inserted. In 
this way you have the possibility to personalize your system using or 
not this features and enabling or disabling it whenever you want.

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