Documentation rewriting, reviewing and converting schedule

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Hi everyone!

I believe that the Photos and Cameras section: is
ready for review.  Please let me know if there's any concerns.

Sean (bluesabre)

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> Today's Topics:
>    1. Documentation rewriting, reviewing and converting schedule
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> Subject: Documentation rewriting, reviewing and converting schedule
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> Hello Xubuntu documentation folks,
> it's time to start looking when, and how, we should get the
> documentation rewrite finished.
> The new documentation should be uploaded on September 20, when the
> DocStringFreeze will become effective. We need to convert the
> documentation to DocBook before that, and things should start to be in
> place a week before the string freeze, on September 13. Small changes
> can take place after that, but it's not encouraged.
> Where does this leave us?
> Practically, we have a week and two days to get the rewriting and
> reviewing done. We originally thought we'd take a week to review the
> refreshed documentation, but I'm not sure if that's completely
> realistic. At this time, we should go into multitasking mode.
> 1) Continue to work on the rewrites where you see fit
> 2) If you think a whole section, or a subpage, is ready to be published,
> please announce it on this email list
> 3) When somebody sends a page up to review, review it
>      * If you think the page is OK to be published and it's technically
> correct (covers the correct applications etc.) with no or just grammar
> fixes, reply to the mailing list and tell you think it's good to go.
> Either me or Elizabeth will eventually "check out" the sections.
>      * If you think it's not OK to be published, please try to improve
> it. If you improve it to the point that you think it's OK to be
> published, please reply to the mailing list and tell you changed it, and
> it's again up for final review. If you can't improve it yourself, reply
> to the mailing list and tell you think it still needs some work (and
> point to which areas need that, or if it's the whole page).
>      * Please respect others' edits, so don't go changing things back
> and forth. On the other hand, don't take it seriously that somebody
> edited your beloved way of saying things. If you need dispute
> resolution, first try solving it yourself; refrain from editing the
> page. If that doesn't help, contact me or Elizabeth to ask for advice.
> 4) Those who were willing to work on DocBook, again, contact me via IRC
> (knome at freenode). I've started the conversion already, and as soon as
> new sections/subpages are checked out, I will convert them to DocBook. A
> rule of thumb: DON'T TOUCH THE CHECKED OUT PAGES. I will be subscribed
> to the checked out sections on the wiki to see if we need to commit
> changes to DocBook too, but please don't touch them unless you really
> need to. If possible, ask me first.
> Optimistically, I hope we will have anything under review (undergone
> steps 1&2) before this Sunday.
> I will get back to you later.
> Cheers,
> Pasi
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