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Fri Nov 30 00:16:00 UTC 2012

On 29/11/12 18:20, AG Restringere wrote:
> I think the major problem with Xubuntu isn't software selection but "look and feel" and corporate branding. [...]
> The crucial areas are the application menu, greeter screen and the wallpapers. [...]
> Themes are also very important. [...]
> Alex

There are many things I agree with Alex. I have been talking about the design of Xubuntu with Simon S. earlier (he did a lot for the look and feel of Xubuntu - thank You Simon). The design and the brand identity is very important - as Alex wrote. I've read somewhere a review about linux distros and they wrote Xubuntu is quick, stable and flexible BUT it's a bit homely (ugly). I have to agree with the author. Of course I know it depends mostly on Xfce. But that's true, Xubuntu has no real identity, it seems it's a simple Xfce interface. If you take a look at Mint or Elementary, they are straightway recognizable cause every pieces of them mediate their identity. Xubuntu is not the kind of that.
I repeat I know it depends mostly on Xfce (I hope 4.12 will look better), but there are a couple of options to strengthen the identity:

1. It's very embarassing Xubuntu has very few wallpapers by default. But it's a good opportunity to express the uniqueness. More Linux news portal (OMGUbuntu, Webupd8) talk about the prereleased wallpapers of new releases - it's no accident: Xubuntu can get more publicity this way. It could be put to tender for designers and photographers to create wallpapers (deviantart is a good place to do it) for Xubuntu, and place them in the final release based on the votes of the community.

2. There should be a unique main menu based on Application Finder (Xfce's menu is obsolete and boring) - look at the success of Mint menu; it's the 'trademark' of LinuxMint.

3. In the main menu: why the 'About' menuitem is 'About Xfce' and not 'About Xubuntu'? Why the Xubuntu tab is only the 3rd one and not the 1st? Why is there an Xfce and not a Xubuntu logo? (Only in a Xubuntu session of course...)

4. You should use a unique window style (theme)* and custom backgrounds for the panels.
* ...with a much more wider window border: I hate it's very hard to resize a window (actually I can do it only with ALT+rightclick: it's not laptop friendly).

5 . There could be a Conky with a stylish theme running by default.

These are just some ideas. I think Xubuntu does not need to copy Ubuntu, nor Xfce - but it needs to have an independent, unique identity. It's faulty to refer ALWAYS (I mean in every question) to the community: many people want many different things, so moving forward is almost impossible. Naturally the opinion of the community is really very very important, but sometimes I think it's better if You show them some opportunities of choices (and they can choose between them) than asking them about every small details. (I'm talking mainly about the design and the brand identity, the included applications and other services of the OS is another thing.)

Best wishes,
Imre Benedek

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