xubuntu-devel Digest, Vol 86, Issue 7

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Thu Nov 29 17:23:30 UTC 2012


On torstai 29 marraskuu 2012, AG Restringere wrote:
> I can't really tell the difference between Fedora XFCE and Xubuntu when
> it's running and that's a major problem.

Why that's a "major" problem?

> The difference should be clear as day

Based on the screenshot here, themeing-wise it does look different to me:

> and people should instantly recognize Xubuntu as the Ubuntu and
> therefore Canonical oriented XFCE spin.

Note that Xubuntu (desktop) should also be clearly identifiable as
separate from Ubuntu (desktop), not just from other XFCE based

> Most of my time is spent customizing the look and feel of Xubuntu to get
> it to look sharp, cool and to match well with the thematic aspects of
> Ubuntu Unity.  This shouldn't ever happen.  Out of the box Xubuntu
> should match up 1:1 with the Ubuntu Unity look and feel and Canonical
> branding efforts.

Xubuntu *not* being like Unity is the reason why I install it
on my relatives machines.

Unity is a usability disaster [1], Gnome shell is a bit better
(especially after they fixed some issues in later releases),
but like Unity, also too slow compared to Xubuntu.

> I even had to replace the Xfce mouse icon with the official Ubuntu logo
> in the application menu and I wish that it was this way by default.

Um, isn't that the official *Xubuntu* logo?

The XFCE mouse logo looks quite different:

	- Eero

[1] Based on observation of people using Unity, Gnome shell and XFCE,
Unity's vertical sidebar and app menus on top are usability disasters
on older *non*-widescreen laptops, whereas window close button on
right is usability disaster for people who need to use Windows daily
e.g. at work.

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