xubuntu-devel Digest, Vol 86, Issue 7

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Thu Nov 29 17:03:26 UTC 2012

On 29/11/12 18:20, AG Restringere wrote:
> Hello,
> This is the first time I post to the mailing list so to everyone 
> hello!  I think the major problem with Xubuntu isn't software 
> selection but "look and feel" and corporate branding.  Finding 
> applications on the Ubuntu Software Center or via Synaptic/APT is so 
> easy that it basically any additional packages can just be downloaded 
> after installation.  In fact I don't even think that very many default 
> applications should be included.  The experience should be geared 
> towards customization so I think the focus should be to have a very 
> simple and bare bones default install.
> Xubuntu should reflect Ubuntu and Canonical and the XFCE logo should 
> be replaced with Canonical oriented graphics and logos that make 
> people know they are using Ubuntu and not a generic XFCE distribution. 
>  The crucial areas are the application menu, greeter screen and the 
> wallpapers.  These should match 100% with the exact same logos, 
> graphics and wallpapers included in the default Ubuntu installs.  I 
> can't really tell the difference between Fedora XFCE and Xubuntu when 
> it's running and that's a major problem.  The difference should be 
> clear as day and people should instantly recognize Xubuntu as the 
> Ubuntu and therefore Canonical oriented XFCE spin.
> Themes are also very important.  The icons should be by default Faenza 
> so to create a very cool and fresh look that matches well with the 
> Ubuntu Unity icon sets.  The actual XFCE themes by default should 
> match standard Unity Ubuntu installations with a Xubuntu specific 
> theme port of both Ambiance and Radiance.  These themes should be 
> default but greybird, bluebird and albatross should also be included. 
>  The whole idea is to create an experience that visually matches with 
> whatever the Ubuntu Unity guys are doing and is parallel.
> Most of my time is spent customizing the look and feel of Xubuntu to 
> get it to look sharp, cool and to match well with the thematic aspects 
> of Ubuntu Unity.  This shouldn't ever happen.  Out of the box Xubuntu 
> should match up 1:1 with the Ubuntu Unity look and feel and Canonical 
> branding efforts.  I even had to replace the Xfce mouse icon with the 
> official Ubuntu logo in the application menu and I wish that it was 
> this way by default.

I couldn't disagree more with everything you just said.

While Xubuntu is a recognized flavor, it is community-driven. That means 
it should match what the community wants to do, how they want it to 
look, which features it should have by default etc...

If Canonical made us work to look exactly like the standard Ubuntu 
installation, we might as well quit. I would. There's no sense to work 
on something that you don't believe and don't like the looks of - 

After I've said all this, please note that it's not meant to be taken 
personally. If you want to make Xubuntu look Ubuntu - by all means do 
that, at least we're running something that allows it.

> Just my thoughts and thank you for an awesome distribution...
> Best,
> Alex

Thanks for the compliments!

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