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Mon Mar 19 23:01:03 UTC 2012

On 03/19/2012 11:56 PM, Charlie Kravetz wrote:
> On Mon, 19 Mar 2012 22:01:48 +0200
> Pasi Lallinaho <pasi at> wrote:
> > On 03/19/2012 08:47 PM, Charlie Kravetz wrote:
> >> Due to circumstances now surrounding the Xubuntu Project, I will no
> >> longer be able to participate in any capacity. For 18 months as Project
> >> Lead, I attempted to keep as many as possible involved with this
> >> project. Some of those individuals fought every attempt I made to
> >> better the project. Now, having observed the project from the sidelines
> >> for almost an entire release cycle, I find those individuals were
> >> actually playing some kind of games, for reasons I will never
> >> understand. As of the release of Precise Pangolin as Xubuntu 12.04, I
> >> am resigning any and all positions with the project. I wish the Xubuntu
> >> success in the future.
> > Hey Charlie,
> > I'm really sad to see you go. I wish you all the good in the future,
> though.
> > To be able to make the Xubuntu community work better, I'd appreciate any
> > feedback on the circumstances and/or games you are referring to. Feel
> > free to send an email to the mailing list or me privately, if you feel
> > it's more appropriate that way.
> > Community will be a huge point of focus for the Q cycle. Iif anybody
> Your community should always be in focus. If they do not have focus,
> they leave you. Without the community knowing what is happening to
> their OS at all times, they decide to go elsewhere. You have excellent
> mailing lists. Instead of limiting discussions to IRC, use them. Get
> the community involved again. Not everyone is going to use mailing
> lists, irc, forums, etc. Each person has their own preferences. Learn
> to use all the communications methods.

The community is always in focus. What I meant that I will give it extra
focus in the Q cycle. Including trying to use our communication methods
better, especially trying to get the message out in all the various
places but in a way that doesn't make the contributors do the same job

This is a good point, and we will have to look at the forums as a way of
communicating with users - I don't think that's been done at all while
I've been helping with Xubuntu, or if it has been done, I've missed

> > else has any feedback on the community, be in touch with me, via the
> > mailing list, email or IRC. We will take any feedback into account when
> > revising the community.
> > Charlie, thanks for all your work again, and all the good in the future,
> > Pasi
> In the past, you informed me that Shimmer was not Xubuntu. If that was
> true when others were Project Lead, it should be true now. Please
> separate Shimmer and Xubuntu. Shimmer might contribute to Xubuntu, but
> it is not part of it. When someone asks where a discussion was held,
> point out the logs, either in the mailing lists or IRC. If the
> discussion was not held in the public Xubuntu channels, it should be
> held again.

This is still true, and I want to clarify the position of the #shimmer

There are a few things that we have kept in #shimmer, which is mostly
discussion about small details about Greybird and other similar issues.
I admit though that sometimes the discussions have shifted to a more
general and wider nature Xubuntu discussions. In those cases, we have
moved the discussion to #xubuntu-devel. While it is likely that there
has been bits and pieces of Xubuntu in #shimmer, nothing is hdiden from
the Xubuntu community, nor the logs, by meaning.

As it always has been, #shimmer is open to join for anybody interested
in the graphical development of the Shimmer themes, sometimes
overlapping with Xubuntu issues, including graphical details in the
themes which will naturally also concern Xubuntu, since those themes are
used in Xubuntu.

One of the challenges of communicating with people is that not all
communication will always be directed through only one medium, or any
loggable medium either (think: real life, private messages), or is
always sane to log publicly (think: private messages or email without
cutting out irrelevant or sensible bits, where applicable). This doesn't
necessarily make the discussions irrelevant. This is why I think it's
sometimes useful to refer to discussions, even if their logs weren't
available (to all participants).

All this being said, I do understand your point. We will have to define
more clearly what discussion belongs in #shimmer, and what in the
Xubuntu channels, or other mediums altogether, and work to keep it split

> Review the Xubuntu Strategy Document. It is the governing document for
> the project.
> Hopefully, you accept these as meant, and will not add
> your own meaning to them. There are no hidden meanings here. These
> statements are pretty direct.

Thanks for the feedback, it is much valued. If you think there is
something that could add to the discussion, or you think I imperceptibly
added any extra meanings to them, please follow up on the discussion.

Thanks again,

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