Xubuntu Strategy Document review

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Tue Jun 19 18:40:54 UTC 2012


On tiistai 19 kesäkuu 2012, Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
> I've been reviewing and -writing the new Strategy Document for a good
> time, as well as asking for feedback from a few people. Now it's time to
> go even more public.
> First things first, the new Strategy Document is viewable at
> http://strategydoc.knome.fi/

* Mission statement

IMHO it would still be good to mention XFce as that's the main
thing that differentiates Xubuntu from the other Ubuntu derivatives.

Maybe something like this in the mission statement (where Ubuntu and XFce
would would be links to those projects):
Xubuntu is a community developed, Ubuntu derived operating system
based on the XFce desktop environment.  It aims to be elegant and
easy to use.

Btw. I don't particularly like "elegant" as mission/target because
I don't see how one would quantify whether something is more or less
"elegant" than something else.

* The target

IMHO first paragraph needs to be more focused and clearer.
Now it goes to too many directions and gives an impression
that Xubuntu isn't innovative.

* Performance

I would use "*may* not be able to support" here:
"This ultimately means that newer Xubuntu releases are not able
to support older computers".  Now you're saying it won't support

* Ready to use product

IMHO this is redundant, first paragraph probably belongs with
"Usability" focus and rest with "Performance" focus.

* Community

"constitutues" -> "constitutes"

* Package selection


IMHO also whether "application is translated to languages supported
by other Xubuntu applications" is an important usability criteria.
If user doesn't understand the texts in app UI, it's not usable.

Resource consumption:

As there is a lot of confusion how to measure process memory
usage, IMHO it would be best to state what value in what tool
is used for this.

The "Memory" column in gnome-system-monitor output is good
for this.  It would seem to sum together writable + X resource
usage of the application.

	- Eero

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