Re: Re: Re: IDEA: Integrate C­atfish into Thunar

Michele Mor m_mor at
Mon Jul 9 12:25:21 UTC 2012

I'm not a dev, but my 2 cents about this.
> I've just elaborated a very easy to do proposed solution about this 'search thing' - what do You think about?
> To integrate Catfish into Thunar is a bit complicated I think so forget it, leave Catfish as a standalone application and use it, but:
> 1. Rename it to 'File Finder' (as I wrote before its name tells nothing about its function). Move it close to Application Finder in Accessories (You can do it easily by Main Menu Editor). I think Application Finder and File Finder is a nice unit with clear names.
> 2. Insert File Finder into Thunar's File menu (it could simply launch File Finder as a standalone app in the actual folder). It needs to picking the code of Thunar, only programmers can do it.
> I think this solution is really easy to do, does not need big developments, but has got advantages: clear for everybody, accessible from most adequate places.
> See the mockup:
This is not bad, but I still prefer your previous mockup.
Having a "file finder" or "file filter" on your Thunar window is a huge advantage for a user.
For example, if you download a file .mp3 and then open your "Download" folder it would be much easier to identify that file if you could restrict Thunar to show only .mp3 files.
As it has been mentioned earlier, Win and Mac do the same, why can't Xubuntu?


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