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Sun Jul 8 23:46:26 UTC 2012

Hi Guys,

I've just elaborated a very easy to do proposed solution about this 'search thing' - what do You think about?

To integrate Catfish into Thunar is a bit complicated I think so forget it, leave Catfish as a standalone application and use it, but:

1. Rename it to 'File Finder' (as I wrote before its name tells nothing about its function). Move it close to Application Finder in Accessories (You can do it easily by Main Menu Editor). I think Application Finder and File Finder is a nice unit with clear names.

2. Insert File Finder into Thunar's File menu (it could simply launch File Finder as a standalone app in the actual folder). It needs to picking the code of Thunar, only programmers can do it.

I think this solution is really easy to do, does not need big developments, but has got advantages: clear for everybody, accessible from most adequate places.

See the mockup:

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               I think its a great idea to have a       "Find button" that would open up catfish in that folder.
           In fact I had no idea I could access catfish from Thunar until       you guys told me I could. Thanks for the     tip!
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