IDEA: Integrate Catfish into Thunar

Joshua Branson bransoj at
Sun Jul 8 16:16:53 UTC 2012

     I think its a great idea to have a "Find button" that would open up 
catfish in that folder.

     In fact I had no idea I could access catfish from Thunar until you 
guys told me I could. Thanks for the     tip!

On 07/07/2012 09:06 PM, Benedek Imre wrote:
> Yes, I know it - Thank You for your answer.
> Actually I've just wrote about HOW it is integrated.
> To include search function in right-click menu is absolutely useful. 
> But an average user (means he/she has no knowledge of Xubuntu/Xfce, or 
> he/she comes from Windows or MacOS in my interpretation) usually don't 
> look for 'search' in the right-click menu but in the menu structure of 
> file manager or in the window of file manager (I mean look for an 
> input field for example).
> I remember when I've logged in first time to Xubuntu, it was a bit 
> hard to find the search function, on the one hand because the 
> 'Catfish' name is a bit misleading (tells nothing about its function), 
> on the other hand because I did not use right-click for search so far.
> In addition - when I right click on a file/folder, I expect tipical 
> file management options in right-click menu, such as copy/move, 
> rename, delete, set properties etc. But as I've written above, it's OK 
> if search is accessible from here - but the right place for search is 
> the file menu of Thunar, I think.
> "To open a standalone application to find a file - I think it is not 
> an elegant solution." - especially if we have to find it between lots 
> of applications in Xubuntu's main menu, furthermore its name is 
> misleading. But if we use a standalone application, it has to be named 
> clearly and has to be accessed from the most adequate place(s).
> Just look at the solutions of 'big guns' - both of Windows and MacOS X 
> have an elegantly integrated file finder. We have to admit what is 
> good it's good.
> I think there are more potential solutions to have an elegantly 
> integrated, easy to access search/find option - but the actual one is 
> not the best.
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>     thunar's included custom action "Find in this folder" already has an
>     example of this in your right click menu... to see how its done go to
>     thunars "edit" menu, and click "Configure custom actions", and
>     edit the
>     custom action to view/edit the actions's command string

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