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Sun Dec 30 01:48:49 UTC 2012

On 12/27/2012 04:12 AM, Martin Rogalla wrote:
> Hello,
> I agree with Imre on this. Leon, to me it seems that your perfect
> operating system is just a few steps away and you don't want it to
> ever change afterwards.
> For me Xubuntu is something which will always change. It will remain
> lightweight, stable, fast and flexible, since these are the ground
> principles.
> Some changes can definitely be made to make it easier and more
> overview-able for the user.
> For example I do believe the settings manager could have a much better
> overview. Right now it's not that straight-forward to find a few
> things there.
> When I would like to change keyboard shortcuts to minimize my window I
> have to check the settings under window manager, if would like to
> change what happens to my prt sc button, I have to look under
> keyboard-> application shortcuts. Why can't I have an overview of all
> global keyboard shortcuts in one section?

Again, this is something that needs to be worked on upstream, with the
Xfce developers.

> Further I think that the notification area(Indicator plugin) should be
> more customizable, it doesn't have any options at the moment.

I'm unsure if this is in the scope of the Xubuntu team either, but I'm
wondering what you are actually referring to?

> I really love the current design and even though my system is a really
> light-weight system, it doesn't look cheap or old, it looks really
> attractive.
> Keep up the good work everyone!
> Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
> Sincerely Yours,
> Martin Rogalla


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