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Sun Dec 30 01:48:43 UTC 2012

On 12/27/2012 01:58 AM, Benedek Imre wrote:
> Hi Leon,
> I agree and disagree with you at the same time. Yes, one of the most
> important value of Xubuntu is it's lightweight, it's fast and
> flexible. I don't think the developers want to give up these values.
> But! There are more possibility to beautify, to give more uniqueness,
> to strengthen the identity of this distro /by default./ To do this is
> absolutely not equal to Xubuntu have to be heavyweight and slow.
> Some example:
> - I think the Settings are a bit helter-skelter. Why do I have to open
> 2 or 3 panel item to fine tune the appearance? The desktop wallpaper
> settings panel is really awful. Some of the settings open a new window
> - I know its reason, but it's not elegant. If the developers redesign
> and reorganize these settings items and tabs they do not slow down the
> system and do not need more space in the release.

That's how it's arranged in Xfce. If you want to strive for change,
please try to get it done upstream, since this isn't the main focus of

> - I don't think if there could be a unique application menu based on
> the application finder it causes slow down or Xubuntu will be
> heavyweight because of this.

Personally I don't think all the fiddly application menus really add any
value to any distribution. For me, they just get in the way. When I open
the applications menu, I know what I'm looking for. If I don't, items
all around isn't making me any less confused/lost.

> - If the 'About' menu could show a stronger Xubuntu identity it does
> not eventuate system slow down.

This is a fair point and we ought to look at this during the Raring cycle.

> These are just ideas of course. Yes, a lot of customization can made
> manually, but if we neglect the design, it's the same if Apple (for
> example) sells motherboards, CPUs and RAM moduls and everybody have to
> assemble them by himself.
> ONE OF THE KEYS TO SUCCESS IS THE DESIGN. Lightweight and design are
> not mutually exclusive things.
> I've read "Not that the beauty don't count, but"... so I know what You
> mean, I just want to declare design is very important (beside others
> of course).
> Sincerely, Imre


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