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On Dec 1, 2012 4:29 PM, "Santiago Roland" <sroland at lavabit.com> wrote:
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> A couple of things in my opinion that should be considered in future
> Xubuntu releases
> 1) VLC as default video player. In my experience, it is the only video
> player that never refused to reproduce a single video. The only time
> it failed was because the file was corrupted. I mean, any operating
> system must ship with a decent video player and Parole does not
> fulfill that. Parole get sucked for several seconds with any video
> MP4, AVI, etc and that is very annoying.
> 2) Libreoffice must be considered if decent compatibility is desired.
> It is a complete office suite that cannot be compared to
> abiword+gnumeric. Maybe there should be a minimal Xubuntu iso without
> this things, but for the everyday life, this things must be out of the box
> 3) Xubuntu should ship with a decent light color theme, not a dark
> one. It is demonstrated even with surveys that darker themes are
> harder to read. I pointed to some links a while ago, that i think
> nobody checked out. It's better for reading, it treats the eye pupil
> dilatation better and that it's well known by website designers. Every
> dark theme has applications that show very poor font contrast and even
> icon contrast. XFCE used to come with light color theme by default,
> and that should be restored again, maybe choosing theme could be
> implemented during installation? Default white, and if you want to
> your machine looks like FBI ones, change theme later. And the reason
> is that the people that like to tune up themes is more likely to have
> some skills the people that simply use the machine as is.
> 4) The Cairo-like toolbar should be avoided, is the intention to look
> like macOS? XFCE looks already fine with only one toolbar, up or
> down... cairo? leave that for people that want to tune up the appearence.
> 5) Music player should be Banshee by default, or some player that show
> album art, maybe gmusicbrowser with a less complicated layout. maybe
> emulate banshee layout with gmusicbrowser?
> 6) definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely need to improve GTK3
> support. The are NO themes that fully support GTK3? if i install apps,
> like evolution for email or USC or update manager i cannot use
> Clearlooks! it completely breaks the appearence for those apps. This
> is very wrong. maybe we can blame GTK imposition, but there has to be
> more supported GTK3 themes like Clearlooks and such. Not Adwaita, nor
> other theme fix this, windows look very different if they are gtk2 or
> gtk3.
> 7) what if Xubuntu ships larger that a CD? i installed Xubuntu in a P3
> 750 and i barely can navigate through webpages, the cpu is not enough
> for web browsing. Leave that for the Xubuntu minimal version....
> Xubuntu should hit high and compete with other desktops environments,
> it can and it is better in so many aspects.
> 8) Enable tabs in thunar, a decrypt file plugin, add the ability to
> show "properties" for several selected folders and add the ability to
> correctly eject usb pendrives because actually can no do that.
> Otherwise nautilus is needed. Or, change to nautilus default, but this
> is a bit insane and in this point i would use ubuntu then.
> Regards!

2 quick facts...
-vlc can't be included by default due to licensing
-the "cario like" dock is just an xfce panel and requires no extra packages
or overhead.


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