xubuntu-devel Digest, Vol 86, Issue 10

Santiago Roland sroland at lavabit.com
Sat Dec 1 21:28:27 UTC 2012

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A couple of things in my opinion that should be considered in future
Xubuntu releases

1) VLC as default video player. In my experience, it is the only video
player that never refused to reproduce a single video. The only time
it failed was because the file was corrupted. I mean, any operating
system must ship with a decent video player and Parole does not
fulfill that. Parole get sucked for several seconds with any video
MP4, AVI, etc and that is very annoying.

2) Libreoffice must be considered if decent compatibility is desired.
It is a complete office suite that cannot be compared to
abiword+gnumeric. Maybe there should be a minimal Xubuntu iso without
this things, but for the everyday life, this things must be out of the box

3) Xubuntu should ship with a decent light color theme, not a dark
one. It is demonstrated even with surveys that darker themes are
harder to read. I pointed to some links a while ago, that i think
nobody checked out. It's better for reading, it treats the eye pupil
dilatation better and that it's well known by website designers. Every
dark theme has applications that show very poor font contrast and even
icon contrast. XFCE used to come with light color theme by default,
and that should be restored again, maybe choosing theme could be
implemented during installation? Default white, and if you want to
your machine looks like FBI ones, change theme later. And the reason
is that the people that like to tune up themes is more likely to have
some skills the people that simply use the machine as is.

4) The Cairo-like toolbar should be avoided, is the intention to look
like macOS? XFCE looks already fine with only one toolbar, up or
down... cairo? leave that for people that want to tune up the appearence.

5) Music player should be Banshee by default, or some player that show
album art, maybe gmusicbrowser with a less complicated layout. maybe
emulate banshee layout with gmusicbrowser?

6) definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely need to improve GTK3
support. The are NO themes that fully support GTK3? if i install apps,
like evolution for email or USC or update manager i cannot use
Clearlooks! it completely breaks the appearence for those apps. This
is very wrong. maybe we can blame GTK imposition, but there has to be
more supported GTK3 themes like Clearlooks and such. Not Adwaita, nor
other theme fix this, windows look very different if they are gtk2 or

7) what if Xubuntu ships larger that a CD? i installed Xubuntu in a P3
750 and i barely can navigate through webpages, the cpu is not enough
for web browsing. Leave that for the Xubuntu minimal version....
Xubuntu should hit high and compete with other desktops environments,
it can and it is better in so many aspects.

8) Enable tabs in thunar, a decrypt file plugin, add the ability to
show "properties" for several selected folders and add the ability to
correctly eject usb pendrives because actually can no do that.
Otherwise nautilus is needed. Or, change to nautilus default, but this
is a bit insane and in this point i would use ubuntu then.


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