Desktop backgrounds and theme

Eero Tamminen oak at
Sat Apr 14 09:46:31 UTC 2012


On tiistai 10 huhtikuu 2012, Gustavo R Leal wrote:
> Hi Development group,
> I'm a fan of Xubuntu and using it exclusively since 10.04 LTS.
> I would like to suggest a more colorful set of desktop backgrounds.
> The all blue and grey theme is nice for the defaults,

Whereas Ubuntu default backgrounds are IMHO hideous.  On LCD you're able
to tolerate them for few minutes, but on old CRTs they looks pretty

> but changing the background is one of the first things almost
> every user do.
> I think we need themes like nature, landscapes, plants, abstract and they
> should have a good balance of the color spectrum, including reds,
> yellows and greens (not all at the same time necessarily).

Multicolor backgrounds are problematic.  They distract the user,
make icons and their texts harder to see etc, besides typically
taking more space.

If user wants extra & colorful backgrounds, I think they're easy to find.
I don't think Xubuntu needs to provide them.  IMHO slightly styled
monochromatic ones give the desktop more professional feel.

But maybe it would be useful to make it easier & more obvious how to
change the background to user's own picture?  Or have a button for
installing extra background sets e.g. from Ubuntu?

> Let's not repeat what LinuxMint did with the green. Their theme is nice
> at first sight, but it looks like the blue pixels of LCD screen are all
> burned out.

	- Eero

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