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Sun Nov 13 11:37:45 UTC 2011

The development of Xubuntu Precise Pangolin is about to start soon. It 
is time to create the roadmap.

We have set up a wikipage for the roadmap [1] together with Simon 
Steinbeiß (thanks a *lot* for the help!). The first step is to 
brainstorm all the new features we want in, the bugs we really want to 
fix and the default applications we want to review. The brainstorming 
period has already started, and will end on Monday, November 21.

To be precise (pun intended), Simon Steinbeiß describes the 
brainstorming week like this:

    The brainstorming week should be a period of determining where we
    want to go with the next version of Xubuntu, or what we want to do,
    meaning people (i.e. devs and users) can add items to the wishlist.
    After that period, there won't be any more items added to the list,
    so we can get a good overview of our todo-list for Precise. (What we
    really /can/ do in terms of manpower etc. will be determined in the
    next step, "finding assignees"). People need deadlines, even for
    adding stuff to a wishlist. To get better planning it's good to
    settle on the items we want to work on in advance, not throughout
    the cycle (as has been the case quite often), mainly because it
    makes planning and focusing easier. Adding an item to the wishlist
    does not mean you have to be the one implementing it, but in your
    personal interest you should be motivated to at least help finding
    someone who will.

So, if you have any ideas... Please feel free to contribute! As said 
before, we are accepting new ideas until Monday, November 21.

Assignees for ideas should be found during this month. If you want to 
take an action item, feel free to add your name/nick in the list too 
already. We will send an another mail asking for assignees for 
not-yet-taken items on when the brainstorming period is over though, so 
don't worry about it just yet. Implementation for the features and other 
stuff will be expected to happen according to the Precise Pangolin 
Release Schedule [2].



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