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>               On 07/25/2011 08:23 PM, Bruno Benitez wrote:
> I do          know that there is no such "standard image editor" but if we
>          never start finding one, or adding one to our apps then we
>  will never have one, I think there should be a "standard image
>  editor" (pinta/gpaint/nathive/other) a          "professional image editor"
> (GIMP/others) and then we could          have "Image viewers" whit some
> "editing capabilities"          (gpicview/gthumb).  I do not propose Pinta
> directly, It looks          awesome in my opinion, but it does depend a lot
> on Mono, so if          its choosen it wont ment a huge space saver
> either...
>     --
>     Bruno.-
>   Jarno and Bruno,
>    please focus your energy in creating the application comparison. A   few
> good points to include would be:
>   1. What features do we expect an image editor to have, at least?
>    2. What do you think is the learning curve for the different    editors?
>   3. How light are the applications?
>   4. How mature are they in development?
>    Looking at the history of application comparisons and proposals in
>  Xubuntu, it seems that there is a high possibility to get change in    the
> defaults, as long as you are willing to work for it, and the
>  rationalizing is sufficient.
>   Cheers,
>   Pasi
> In response to the above request here's my views. I like the graphics for
> photo processing... i'd consider myself an average user 'processing' to
> reduce size, watermark and occasionally add special effects. I use Bulk
> Rename to rename in my own system - date with number so the camera numbering
> like DCFN05674 doesn't end up overwriting. I use eog to view [better than
> gpicview and other lightweights], and then ImageMagick to reduce size and
> watermark all a convenient one liner [used to use picasa but that didn't
> seem to like xubuntu and i didn't discover why]. Imagemagick appears to have
> sophistication that Gimp doesn't have and yet is also great for the
> intermediate level user who doesn't want the 'bells and whistles' - thus
> clearly fitting with the xubuntu user's ethos 'MINIMAL, FAST, FIT-FOR
> -PURPOSE'. Gimp for processing i found quite hard work to learn and read
> into. Imagemagick also goes nicely with llgal for one's albums. Both
> commandline apps which for processing a directory of hundreds of pics is the
> way to go. perhaps shortly i should write a wiki for xubuntu on Imagemagick
> and llgal to shorten the learning curve.
> 1. What features do we expect an image editor to have, at least?
> I think we need to define it clearly - Viewer and editor [i don't feel the
> two are the same]. The viewer should be simple like eog capable of
> screenshow, rotating images, saving to desktop (we all like our favourite
> pics in front of us). Separate app for 'processing' Imagemagick and llgal.
> 2. What do you think is the learning curve for the different editors?
> For most users it should be  a day or two (couple of evenings) - with a
> nice straight forward wiki even less.
> 3. How light are the applications?
> On the minimal side quite light and yet Imagemagick on the sophisticated
> side light as it's commandline.
> 4. How mature are they in development?
> eog, Imagemagick, llgal - all well established and polished apps. When
> considering the 'minimal' approach i think it is important to have sound
> well tested apps. One thing which puts me off an app even if it's good is
> how polished it is. I use Mousepad as an editor, it does just what i want [i
> can always use gedit if i need to]. Similarly with Bulk Rename - it does all
> i need is nice an simple whereas Krename has more 'eye candy' but i don't
> think does the job better.
Pasi's request wasn't to answer those questions here in short on the
mailinglist, but to make a detailed comparison of all viable options using
these questions as guidelines, on the Ubuntu wiki. See the links he attached
for examples.

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