Graphics software (Was: Replacing GIMP)

Jarno Suni jarno.ilari.suni at
Sat Jul 23 10:34:47 UTC 2011

Rawstudio is great for creating tuned versions of your digital photos.
You can also use it for non-RAW photos like jpeg images. You can
straighten, crop and sharpen your images, remove digital noise, and it
has quality tools for adjusting contrast, brightness and tone. On the
other hand, Rawstudio is not made for drawing, it has no layers, you
can not write text on your image by it etc. Sadly, Ubuntu Universe has
not greater than Rawstudio 1.2. I use the version 2.0  available from

For image viewing and slideshows I have long time used geeqie:
-It is very stable: It has newer crashed when I have used it. (gthumb
crashed in couple of minutes, as I tried it today in Natty.)
-It is very responsive  (e.g. versus eog); try browsing by PageUp and
PageDown keys
-It can display RAW images; it even maps RAW images and their
respective jpeg images together.
-It is simple to use, but has a lot of features for more advanced users.

As drawing software, Lubuntu 11.04 uses mtpaint. Pinta will be version
1.0 in ubuntu 11.10 so it is not supposed to be that early in
development anymore, but I have no experience on it. One option is to
leave the choice to user: Do not include any drawing software in the
.iso, but recommend these e.g. in website. Or add a meta-package
called xubuntu-image-editing. In my opinion a proper image viewer
should be included in default installation anyway.


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