UDS Karmic Goal

Steve Dodier sidnioulz at gmail.com
Tue May 26 11:13:18 UTC 2009

Hello folks,

I just would like to give a few words about points 2, 3, 4, and possibly 6.

2. Discuss and spec out improvements to notifications.

   - For the notifications, i had a look at both daemons, and i personally
   think notify-osd to be very promising. I'm sorry for not being able to
   attend UDS physically before thursday morning, but I'll try to get in touch
   with Mirco Muëller (help might be needed from people who know what he looks
   like :p) in order to see what will be done in notify-osd during the karmic
   cycle (esp, will the brigthness-lag and fullscreen bugs be fixed).
   - I hope to get my sound notifications daemon running soon. I also
   spotted some stuff that could be changed/fixed in thunar-volman (mostly
   remove the action buttons from the "media not ready to unmount yet"
   notification bubble, and possibly add notifications for when a device is
   done mounting)
   - We also have to make sure our icon theme includes notification-* icons.

3. Identify and possibly fix the login delay issue | 4. Examine memory usage
of default Xubuntu desktop

   - A quick googling brought me to some people whining about the slowness
   of xfce4-settings-helper, we'll have to check this out.
   - Also related to 4. (ram usage) : we have update-notifier + jockey
   running on startup, these also take time to launch, and they're very RAM
   hungry compared to the rest of the desktop. We might want to find a way to
   load them later, or not on all boots ? Also, tracker is launched by default,
   afaik. Is it needed by all users ?

6. Documentation, Artwork.

   - I've got a few ideas for an usplash (not sure we'll have Plymouth by
   time). I actually love the openSuse ones, they're original, i'll try to get
   an usplash theme mockup asap.
   - Pasi and me will apparently try to work on improving XFCE's own doc
   during the next months. Integrating the XFCE doc could be a good goal for
   improving our own one, aswell as the xubuntu-docs. Having them on the
   website with a sexy CSS would also help.
   - About the website, what could we add to it in order to make it more
   useful ? A sort of planet.xubuntu.org ? More support options from the
   start page ? What are we going to do for the lack of mirrors, too ?

Voilà, that's all for now. Im really looking forward to see all those of you
who are at Barcelona !

Steve Dodier
OpenPGP : 1B6B1670
IRC : SiDi on irc.freenode.net
Jabber : sidi at im.apinc.org
steve.dodier at gmail.com
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