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> jim wrote:
> > Hi Pasi,
> >
> > I have become interested in xubuntu to the point where I want to get
> > involved in the project. I am not a software engineer or even a geek. I
> > spent 23 years in sales and marketing and now I work work in security. I
> > use computers daily at work and have windows, mac and buntu at home. I
> > don't use a lot of the extra packages, mainly just surf the net, email
> > and word processing.
> >
> > I have been burning buntu distros to CD's and have installed ubuntu and
> > xubuntu on 3 of my co-workers home PC's. Is there something I can do to
> > get involved with the xubuntu team? I am open to enrollment in some type
> > of formal online training or even doing something right away if
> > possible.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Jim Smith
> > Eastern USA
> > State of Massachusetts
> >
> Hey Jim (CC: xubuntu-devel mailing list),
> we're currently starting the development for the Lucid Lynx release,
> which is to be released in April 2010, so you are approaching us just in
> the right time. No formal application is needed, you can jump right in –
> welcome!
> The best way to get contributing is to join #xubuntu-devel on the
> Freenode IRC network and get to know people and get yourself known. You
> will recognize me by the nick "knome" on the channel, if you want to
> talk about any marketing specific issue. You can also contact me if you
> have any other questions. Do not feel obliged to contact by IRC (email
> is okay as well), but I can be reached better in IRC.
> You should also subscribe to at least the xubuntu-devel mailing list
> [1]. You can also join the #xubuntu channel on Freenode and subscribe to
> the xubuntu-users mailing list [2].
> The biggest tasks the marketing is going to face in the Lucid cycle is
> to grow the Xubuntu developer community and raise awareness about it.
> Other tasks include renewing the website, refreshing the artwork (which
> will consist mostly of polishing the Albatross theme and done by the
> Shimmer Project [3], which I also lead) and refreshing the documentation
> artwork and style.
> We also need to create some release artwork and raise some fuzz in
> amongst people about Xubuntu when we are closer to releasing. I'd like
> to do some rather big things (like advertising campaigns) and all the
> help with it is totally appreciated.
> Great to hear you are interested in contributing to Xubuntu.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3], IRC channel #shimmer on Freenode
And of course, if you have an ideas yourself on how to contribute (e.g. you
have a great idea on how Xubuntu could be marketed better), bring them up
and, if you feel like it, take the lead :) Questions can always be sent to
the xubuntu-devel mailinglist if you're subscribed.

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