Marketing for Xubuntu Lucid

Pasi Lallinaho open at
Thu Dec 10 22:10:20 UTC 2009

Hello everybody,

I've been planning the Xubuntu Lucid marketing quite a bit and here's my
current thoughts. The marketing would be one big entity, which would
consist several parts:

Real-life, touchable posters. Few designs. B&W also. Get people to print
them and place them on the walls all over the world.

Web widgets or something like that. Something a bit more than just a
countdown banner. We had the idea of some "special" banner frames for
some days, maybe use that idea?

A microsite for the LTS release. Link to all the poster sources and
widgets. Tell about new releases and the LTS concept. Add more content
at least weekly (remember that this content can be ready before it's
published, so we don't have to rush when we are near to the release).
Maybe some "developer interviews"? Maybe even ask Mark to answer some
questions? How to get the voice of users to show? Some interactive parts?

Some events to lift Xubuntu to even higher level. Ubuntu Developer Week?
Ubuntu Open Week (plan beforehand)!

I'm trying to redesign the website for Lucid also. What are we going to
do for the "developer blog" idea?

I need help if we are going to follow this plan, especially 3). Comments?

Pasi Lallinaho
Xubuntu Marketing Lead
Web-designer, graphic artist
IRC: knome @ freenode

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