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On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 9:13 AM, Steve Dodier <sidnioulz at gmail.com> wrote:

> I agree with Pasi that Xubuntu may benefit from a multiple leaders board. A
> single leader system too often, in my opinion, gave the impression that it
> was Cody against the others when Cody was disagreeing on something with the
> rest of the team, because it's hard to know if its the project lead or the
> developer who disagrees. Having a more equal system would probably help
> avoiding such bizarre situations.
> This being said, I'm willing to take absolutely no responsibilities of any
> sort. :) I have enough work with my school, so all the free time I put into
> FOSS will go to Shimmer projects (which yet match quite a few projects used
> in Xubuntu, so I may not be competely useless :p). This should not restrict
> me from babbling all over IRC and the mailing list, though.
> I'd personally love to see Cody, Pasi, Jim and Lionel (and Vincent?) as
> that leaders council. You guys are the guys who get the work done, and you
> all have a long experience with Xubuntu.
> I'd also like to say that new contributors or people who want to contribute
> should not bother too much about the leadership thing. Everyone is welcome
> in Xubuntu, and if you have feedback about what you feel held or slowed you
> down from contributing, or about how to make you feel more welcome in our
> little community, feel free to tell it.

So, I've found time to check my email and found this conversation. Which
immediately brings me to my first point: I really don't have enough time to
do some really serious stuff, besides not really having any useful skill. I
do share the expectation that a council could work well for Xubuntu,
provided that its members can really participate. The people mentioned until
now have really proven that they are a really valuable part of the project,
so I would really love them to join. (And I sometimes wonder what happened
to Jozsef as well.)

Furthermore, I'm excited to see another potential contributor, though I'd
like to know J. Anthony Limon's first name ;-) Being a long time Xfce-user,
I hope that you'll contribute in the #xubuntu IRC channel and the
xubuntu-users mailinglist to help less experienced users. Another area where
I think you could be very valuable (without knowing which other skills you
might have :) is in documentation, so you might want to have a chat with Jim
about that. Which brings me to my second point: could we expand the
Documentation team to "User support" in general? Not sure whether it's
really that necessary but it seems appropriate at first sight.

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