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Vincent wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 9:13 AM, Steve Dodier <sidnioulz at gmail.com
> <mailto:sidnioulz at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     I agree with Pasi that Xubuntu may benefit from a multiple leaders
>     board. A single leader system too often, in my opinion, gave the
>     impression that it was Cody against the others when Cody was
>     disagreeing on something with the rest of the team, because it's
>     hard to know if its the project lead or the developer who
>     disagrees. Having a more equal system would probably help avoiding
>     such bizarre situations.
>     This being said, I'm willing to take absolutely no
>     responsibilities of any sort. :) I have enough work with my
>     school, so all the free time I put into FOSS will go to Shimmer
>     projects (which yet match quite a few projects used in Xubuntu, so
>     I may not be competely useless :p). This should not restrict me
>     from babbling all over IRC and the mailing list, though.
>     I'd personally love to see Cody, Pasi, Jim and Lionel (and
>     Vincent?) as that leaders council. You guys are the guys who get
>     the work done, and you all have a long experience with Xubuntu.
>     I'd also like to say that new contributors or people who want to
>     contribute should not bother too much about the leadership thing.
>     Everyone is welcome in Xubuntu, and if you have feedback about
>     what you feel held or slowed you down from contributing, or about
>     how to make you feel more welcome in our little community, feel
>     free to tell it.
> So, I've found time to check my email and found this conversation.
> Which immediately brings me to my first point: I really don't have
> enough time to do some really serious stuff, besides not really having
> any useful skill. I do share the expectation that a council could work
> well for Xubuntu, provided that its members can really participate.
> The people mentioned until now have really proven that they are a
> really valuable part of the project, so I would really love them to
> join. (And I sometimes wonder what happened to Jozsef as well.)
Sorry to hear your time is so limited. I hope you will still contribute
to the project as much as you feel like.

Has anybody an idea what Joszef is doing right now?
> Furthermore, I'm excited to see another potential contributor, though
> I'd like to know J. Anthony Limon's first name ;-) Being a long time
> Xfce-user, I hope that you'll contribute in the #xubuntu IRC channel
> and the xubuntu-users mailinglist to help less experienced users.
> Another area where I think you could be very valuable (without knowing
> which other skills you might have :) is in documentation, so you might
> want to have a chat with Jim about that. Which brings me to my second
> point: could we expand the Documentation team to "User support" in
> general? Not sure whether it's really that necessary but it seems
> appropriate at first sight.
Vincent, how limited your time really is?

Combining the website and the documentation team wouldn't sound a bad
idea either, if you feel like you don't have time to or are unwilling to
lead the website team. Please do not think I'm trying to throw you out
of your leader role, I was just thinking all the possibilities we have,
if you are going to be available less.
> Best,
> -- 
> Vincent
I think a probably goos way to reorganize the teams/leaders would be:

[ 1 ]  Technical team
TEAM ROLE: No change.
LEADER(S): Lionel and/or Cody, depending what would be the most logical
solution and on how big role Cody wishes to keep in the project. I don't
think it would be bad thing to have to leaders for the technical team

[ 2 ]  Documentation team
TEAM ROLE: The doc team would include the current website team. I see no
point in having a separate website team, as the website really isn't
*that* big issue right now. I also think it would be easier to get new
contributors to the documentation team, if they could be lured in with
the phrase "the documentation team also administrates our website"...
LEADER(S): Jim and/or Vincent. Two leaders here would also be plausible.

[ 3 ]  Marketing team
TEAM ROLE: Current marketing and artwork teams combined.
LEADER(S): Myself. Any objections are welcome. :)

[ 4 ]  Testing/QA team
TEAM ROLE: No change.
LEADER(S): Charlie.

Again I have to ask; what's the situation with Michael? How closely is
he tied to the Xubuntu team? While he could totally keep his Debian
Liaison title, would it be better to locate his position in the
technical team?

Feel free to disagree on everything or anything.


Pasi Lallinaho
Xubuntu Marketing Lead
Web-designer, graphic artist
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