Testing Xubuntu 8.04 on Toshiba A105 - Help!

Vincent imnotb at gmail.com
Wed May 7 09:48:04 UTC 2008

On 5/6/08, Bob Gotthardt <bobgott at ptd.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a new, fascinated user testing Xubuntu 8.04 on an underpowered
> Toshiba Satellite laptop.
> Unfortunately for dual-boot, I could only retrieve a 10G partition from
> this 80G Vista drive [MFT near 64G mark prevents further shrinkage w/o
> too much 3rd party]. Ubuntu 7.14 and 8.04 have tested well also.
> 'Hardware Report' was sent and I joined Launchpad and Xubuntu Users as
> dell at gotthardt.net.
> How do you feel I will fare installing Xubuntu 8.04 in this 10G partition?

Xubuntu should fit on a 10GB partition - I believe it takes up about 1,5 GB
after a standard installation. However, you'll have very little space left
for your personal documents, settings and additional applications you're
going to install (i.e. 8,5 GB), which may be even less if I'm mistaken and
Xubuntu takes up more than 1,5 GB.

By the way, this question might be more appropriate for the xubuntu-users
mailinglist: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-users

Do you have any suggestions? Do you recommend otherwise, what about
> another release or  full Ubuntu (tested well)? This is a personal use
> machine with no special applications [I need alternative to Vista] and
> I'll share any experiences with you.
> Additional testing conducted on AMD3100 (1GB), Vostro 200
> (E2180 at 2.00GHz, 2GB),  hp8670c (P3/800MHz, 196MB), and xl759 (P3/800MHz,
> 256MB) on Ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04. I want to join the team and share any
> information I may have.
> This Toshiba has only 512MB, but that can be increased and I can add
> another disk for Ubuntu use. Any comments and help appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Bob Gotthardt
> www.Gotthardt.Net

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