Jani Monoses jani at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 14 14:17:22 UTC 2008

> The only advantage of xfce.mk is the automatic inclusion of langpack.mk.

That is the major difference we would have had vs debian if they had 
used xfce.mk, but definitely not the only advantage. For instance had it 
not been xfce.mk, that call to langpack handling should have been taken 
out from 20+ packages instead of the class.

The conciseness and clarity of the rules file is the really big one.
Luckily xfce related  tarballs are sane enough that no features have to 
be used in packaging that require the more powerful and more complicated 

> Xubuntu is now in universe, the translations aren't managed anymore in
> Rosetta, and thus we don't need langpack.mk anymore (xfce.mk also calls

not translated anymore in rosetta or just not split out on upload?
Not being translated in rosetta is ok too, since upstream does it
anyway and it's duplicated work.

Anyway if debian xfce simplify and unify their rules file across 
packages that's great, I do not care much which solution is used as long 
as it reduces the boring merges and leaves that time for other thing, 
since I do not plan on touching the packages soon :)


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