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Eero Tamminen oak at
Wed Feb 13 21:33:46 UTC 2008


On Wednesday 13 February 2008, vidd wrote:
> I think you are completely missing my point
> the purpose of any task manager is to quickly and graphically end
> programs this is on the processes tab of gnome system monitor

In g-s-m when you click onto a process you get automatically
"End process" button.

In xfce4-taskmanager one needs a right click.  Right clicking doesn't
work on a touch screen and is otherwise less easy to discover,
so it would be nice if XFCE task manager had also this kind of usability

> this is almost always a one-and-done, as needed task
> the purpose of CPU history, Memory and Swap history, and network history
> are to track these these items over an extended period of time
> these are on the resources tab of gnome system monitor
> these are used for advanced troubleshooting and testing application
> impact on system resources
> these are usually tracked for an extended period of time
> the target audience (new to Linux with systems that have have trouble
> running Ubuntu) are unlikely to to use these more advanced tasks
> The system and file system tabs are "nice to have" but really are not
> needed

For advanced users (needing useful memory usage information) it's also easy
to install g-s-m afterwards.

> The suggestion of using panel apps for the items on the resources tab is
> because of the length of time such monitoring is likely to be run.
> There are already panel plugins installed (just not active) so
> activating and deactivating is a simple matter of right-click->+add
> item->highlighting the plugin->click add and right-click->remove->confirm
> Even the most novice user should be able to do this ... even without
> guidance

In panel they take less space.  Are these in-process or out-of-process panel

Whole mail had good points, thanks!  

	- Eero

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