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Tue Feb 12 17:41:52 UTC 2008

On 12/02/2008, vidd <vidd at> wrote:
> While knowing what kind of security issue would be nice to know, knowing
> there is an application on my system with a known, unpatched security
> issue is unacceptable, regardless of how "unimportant" it may be.
> A know, non-security-related bug (with or without a know workaround) is
> preferable to me then a know security hole.

But really, if it required physical access to your computer, compositing
enabled and g-s-s running, would you mind that much? IMO it's a really
marginal case that does not outweigh the obvious benefits of g-s-s.

> I ran both g-s-m and xfce4-taskmanager side by side
>     g-s-m is
>         visually more appealing
>         using between 19-52 % of my CPU
>     xfce4-taskmanager is
>        more spartan
>        using between 5-17 % of my CPU
> Why would the user need this application except to shut down an
> out-of-control app?
> Granted,  as  a  tech  support  tool,  it  may  have  some  benefit.

I'd say "huge benefit" ;-)

> for the average user,  how often are they actually going to use this
> system tab once the system is running? The resource tab is a nice touch
> that some users may find appealing....but those users are more likely
> going to display that info in panel plugins or some other method, rather
> then open g-s-m and leave it up. Does the File systems tab do anything
> but give you a less detailed output of the cli command "df"?
> I see  no  truely  compelling reason for choosing g-s-m over
> xfce4-taskmanager

I must say that ending non-responsive applications is more intuitive in
g-s-m and that I find the speed decrease doubtful, but as that are just my
feelings with, also, no hard data to back them up that's not really a valid
argument. However, I'd like to stress again that it is pretty important to
be able to easily check your Xubuntu version and hardware info.

> > And I forgot to mention it, but also a +1 for weighing the pros and
> > cons from me. Please, I think I've clearly outlined what I think are
> > the benefits of said applications, if you could consider those and see
> > if the cons really outweigh these pros then say so.
> If there is any flaws in my statements, I appologize in advance. I tried
> to be as thoughtful as possible in my pro's and cons

I found your arguments in this email (and probably older ones too, haven't
checked) very thoughtful and contributing to a constructive discussion :)

> > Best,
> >
> > --
> > Vincent
> vidd

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