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vidd vidd at
Tue Feb 12 22:12:26 UTC 2008

Jani Monoses wrote:
>> Since, as you say, the target audience is users new to Linux but who's 
>> computers cannot easily run Ubuntu, I should think you would agree that 
>> getting the lightest apps that do the intended purpose without wasting 
>> recourses is more important then "looks cool and has stuff you probably 
>> will never look at"
> New users could use the 'get ubuntu version', show cpu, and resource 
> usage. As for the wasting resources part this is a run=once application
> it is not something eating away your CPU in the backgorund. Just as we 
> have others in the same category.
> I am sure adding the panel aplets to see resource usage is a *lot* more 
> resource consuming.Those are external apps, permanently running and 
> taking up memory.
> Jani
I think you are completely missing my point
the purpose of any task manager is to quickly and graphically end programs
this is on the processes tab of gnome system monitor
this is almost always a one-and-done, as needed task
the purpose of CPU history, Memory and Swap history, and network history 
are to track these these items over an extended period of time
these are on the resources tab of gnome system monitor
these are used for advanced troubleshooting and testing application 
impact on system resources
these are usually tracked for an extended period of time
the target audience (new to Linux with systems that have have trouble 
running Ubuntu) are unlikely to to use these more advanced tasks
The system and file system tabs are "nice to have" but really are not 

The suggestion of using panel apps for the items on the resources tab is 
because of the length of time such monitoring is likely to be run.
There are already panel plugins installed (just not active) so 
activating and deactivating is a simple matter of right-click->+add 
item->highlighting the plugin->click add and right-click->remove->confirm
Even the most novice user should be able to do this ... even without 

I realize that regardless of how much I quantify my point of view, I am 
not going to change your mind about g-s-m being superior to 
xfce4-taskmanager, and it is perfect ... for Ubuntu. While I personally 
dont think it it fits in with our XFCE theme, I am only one user.


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